Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Jug I Drinking Water Ionizer Filter I Water Purifier with 2 Replacement Pitchers & PhTest Strips

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  • The Alkaline Water Filter comes with a replacement filter cartridge which purifies & produces fresh water by removing contaminants like chlorine, zinc,mercury and lead copper in the water.
  • The water filter jug produces 300 Litres of alkaline water with pH 8.5-10.0. It’s CE & RoHS certified, designed to fit in most fridges and the replacement filter lasts up to 80 days.
  • Our BPA free and Ergonomic design water filter comes with digital and manual cartridge life intelligent indicator and timer letting you to know when to replace the filter.
  • Buy 1 alkaline water filter pitcher with jug & get 2 free replacement filters and 100 pcs free pH test trips for urine and saliva. The 100pcs pH strips test enable you to instantly check the level of alkaline as well as acid in your body.
  • This replacement filter cartridge alkaline water pitcher comes with lid, funnel reservoir, 2.5 L jug and instruction manual on how to set up the filter, how to program the cartridge life indicator and so on. Depending on number of number of people drinking the alkaline water



If you´re looking to remove contaminants like chlorine, zinc,mercury, lead copper which makes your water taste bad,

as well as to maintain the acid-alkaline balance of the blood contributed by overlying of acid from excess fatty food, smoke, soft drinks, alchohol and processed sugar.

Martclix Alkaline water filter pitcher has got your back.

It produces 300 litres of pure water by so doing saves you money from buying bottle water.

The filter cartridge life indicator which shows the cartridge life.

The Contemporary streamlined design with contoured handle making it easy to be lifted up and pour water.

The Lid, Funnel reservoir, handle and jug are made from ABS and BPA free materials.

Packaging Includes:

1x Alkaline water filter pitcher

2x Replacement water filter cartridges

1x100pcs of PH test strips

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 22.9 × 11.2 × 28.7 cm

Blue, Pink, White

  1. 5 out of 5

    We bought Martclix water filter a few weeks ago. We are very pleased with the product. Our tap water has a distinct taste and it and therefore drink very little tap water. We have been buying bottled water for some time. With Martclix water filter we can now enjoy smooth and tasteless water. The jug is rather large to fit into the standard fridge. Highly recommended

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