Vitapackz Multi-Functional 3 in 1: Juicer, Blender & Grinding Machine I Fruit Vegetable Centrifugal Stainless Juicing Machine I Juice Extractor I Smoothie Soup Blender I Seeds Coffee Pepper Salt Grinder

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  • ✔Components: 3 in 1 Multi-Functional Juicer, blender and Grinder can be used as either a juice machine, blending or a grinding machine. Powered by Centrifugal 2 speeds motor. Made of Stainless Steel. Comes with stainless steel micro mesh filter basket, pulp Container, 55 MM feed tube for juicing whole fruit like apple, 1200 ML blending cup for juicing harder fruits like carrots and 500 ML jug
  • ✔Applicability: The juicer is suitable for making freshly home made apple, orange, pineapple, ginger, lemon, citrus, vegetable, cane juice and so on, while the blender is use for making protein mix, fruit, frozen, vitamix , green, tropical or banana smoothie as well as vegetable soup and nutrients. The grinder is use for grinding seed beans, salt, pepper, spice etc.
  • ✔Juicing: The machine come installed with the juicing jar. The machine uses centrifugal techniques to extract juice with this technique you enjoy fresh smooth juice. To juice, simple put your fruit into the feeding tube, and then push down the feeding bar. Choose the speed at which you want to juice. This is however depends on the if the fruit is hard or soft. For softer fruits choose speed 1
  • ✔Blending: To blend your vegetables, fruits or make smoothie, simple remove the juicing components, that is the transparent cover, the juice net and central base. Mount the blending jar on the main machine and start blending.
  • ✔Grinding: To grind your pepper, corn, spices, coffee, seeds and bean simple remove the jar that is currently sitting on the main machine , fit the grinding jar and start grinding. 




Health Benefits Of Buying Vitapackz 

It is designed to help you do away with sugary, additive, preservatives package juice drinks smoothie and enjoy fresh, healthy homemade juice, vitamins and minerals at anytime.

With Vitapackz you are not limited to one flavor, you can mix any fruits of your choice and still enjoy real natural taste.

Designed to take less space in your kitchen as well as squeeze out last drop of every fruit.

Conventional juice contain less fiber, Vitapackz enable you to juice whole fruit or vegetable without you peeling off the skin where all the fibers are present.

A wide feed chute enabling it to juice whole fruit like apple.

For security and safety. It is designed not to start why all parts are not properly assembled

Ultra modern teeth design designed to chop fruits and vegetable very efficiently

High and Low 2 speed setting: High speed setting is used when processing harder fruits and vegetables like, apples, cucumber,carrots while the Low speed setting is for softer and riper fruits like oranges and grapes.

Packaging includes: 

1 x Juice Machine

Juicing Components

1 X Blending Jar With Filter

1 x Grinder Jar

I X 500 ML Jug with cover

1 X Instructional Manual

Weight 3.82 kg
Dimensions 30 × 36 × 37 cm
  1. 5 out of 5

    Love my new juicer, so easy to use and great as can juice large quantities unlike a very small one I had previously. Love that you can put whole small apples through and whole carrots etc. It is easy to take apart and fairly easy to clean too. The pulp is very dry which shows you get all the juice out of the fruit and veg.

  2. 5 out of 5

    The fresh Orange Juice & Apple Juice I have made form this is great, gets a lot of juice from the fruit with all the waste neatly collected to dispose of. The machine also makes great Smoothie’s. I have only ever used a Juicing machine before so was new to making Smoothie’s, easy to do you place all the ingredients into a large cup which comes with the Juicer. This acts as the container to blend up the ingredients but also as a cup to take away your finished Smoothie. You pop on the travel lid & away you go, very clever idea.

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