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200ml Clothes Steamer With Two Different Nozzles and Quick Thermal Gloves

5.00 out of 5
( 6 reviews )
  • The clothes steamer is handheld and works not only as a clothes straightener, but also as suits , sofas, beddings, curtains, carpets, automotive interior, fabric, cotton and nylon smoother.
  • This compact design clothes steamer is modern and it is best alternative to traditional ironing. It is removes stains, odours and wrinkles effortlessly.
  • The upright handheld garment steamer comes with fabric brush nozzle which makes the steam penetrate into the cloth fibre more smoothly and removes any hair without damaging the cloth.
  • The vertical fabric steamer comes with lint removal nozzles enabling it to remove hair and dust gently. It can be held vertical or uprightWith the 200ml water tank you can steam for over 10 minutes.
  • MartClix clothes fabric garment steamers comes with a protective hand glove which protect you against steam burnt.It has an automatic on-off function which shut off the steamer when it gets too hot or the when the water level is too low

Compact construction
Makes a perfect travelling companion on holidays.
Removes stains, odours and wrinkles
Quickly ready for use
Dimensions (W
Height: Approx. 21 cm
Width: Approx. 10.5 cm
Depth: Approx. 17 cm
Mains voltage: 220 – 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz 800 Watt
Weight About 530 g
Box Contents
1 Nean steam cleaner
2 attachments
1 Heat Protection Glove

Weight 0.90 kg
  1. 5 out of 5

    I bought this as an alternative to ironing and I did not regret it. It is ideal for dresses, shirts, curtains, etc. You can use fragrance ironing water with it, to freshen up your cloths. If you like your cloths crisp, then maybe this this not the right product for you. However if you need something to quickly remove creases from an outfit before you wear it to run off to work, then go for it! P.S. Do not overfill with water; ideally use half full.

  2. 5 out of 5

    The accessories are complete, convenient to carry, although it looks mini, but very practical, which can heat clothes very quickly and convenient!It has good quality and worth. Its appearance simple and stylish. The only thing that’s not enough is that sometimes it will make clothes wet , but occasionally. It doesn’t affect me to recommend it to friends!!

  3. 5 out of 5

    This is a good little steamer for the price. It’s not for big jobs as the tank is small but for smaller jobs and travel it’s cool. Quality is good. I thought at first the top didn’t align but just needed a little pressure and fits fine. I’m very happy for what I want it for.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Never expected such a tiny magic machine just the size as 1.5 volume of a small Costa coffee(:Tried it on my wool coat and it worked perfectly.Love the simple design of the locking system and it only takes about less than 20 seconds to get the machine to boil the water then produce steam. Just imagine a tiny boiling water machine whose steam from water boiling can be used to iron clothes and it turns out to be an interesting design XD And I’ll consider it for my business trip also XD

  5. 5 out of 5

    brought this for my girl frd who is a travel lover. she used this for the first time yesterday and was astonished because of the efficiency. next month we are going to france and this must be the best gift for us.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Wow! After reading many reviews of many brands of steamer, I decided to opt for something small and simple. This turned out to be a good choice! A great little product, with simple, streamlined design and it absolutely does what it says. Transforms clothes which have been creased in the wardrobe into a fresh and wearable garment without the hassle of getting out the ironing board. It’s small and light, so also perfect for travel. And very easy to use.

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